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    Default Possession of Ecstasy Charges

    A friend of mine said he knew someone who wanted 100 ectasy pills. I said lets go. We met this guy up and he looked like a regular guy, and pretty young. and he way paying a lot. We go to get them and everythings cool. The next week he calls again for some more. We do it again. After we got back we found out from someone that saw us with him that he was a undercover detective in charge of the drug unit in my county. We were so scared we didnt know what to do. He calls my buddy later that night to get more and i told my friend to tell him that were busy. Right then he starts screaming at us saying the gig is up. Now that everyone is aquainted he told us that were gonna be charged with 2 counts of each, Conspiracy and delivery. He told us that this wasnt suppost to end this fast, he planned on doing this for several weeks. He said we have 24 hours to call him or hes handing it over to the prosocuter. I didnt even think he knew who I was untill he told my buddy both of our names, addresses, ss numbers, and my license plate; he said he would come pick us up right now. Then I didnt know what to do, i hid out for the night thinking. The next day my friend went to the station and told me to come with him. I f you know me you know im not going to no police station. He went alone. Detective told him that if we cooperate with him he wont hand it over, he would cut us loose and that we were nobody to him. He told my friend to tell me to call him within the hour. I didnt know what to do. I called him and he pulled the good guy routine. I just wanted to buy some time for myself cause i wasnt prepared to go to jail. I talked to a lawyer and he told me these are very serious charges, 4-80 Years worth! Michigan has the toughest drug laws in the country. It has been about 2 weeks and this guy is bothering me. saying im running out of time. I dont want to set up drug deals for this guy cause im not a snitch. What are my chances in court??? Can my lawyer drop felonies to lesser charges??? I have a perfectly clean record, no probation or arrests. He never arrested us but im going to have to turn myself in soon. I know there is alternatives to prision for first time, non-violent offenders, but i have some buddies that got sentenced to boot camp and they are serving their time in prision. I cant hand my life over like that. How do i play these cards I got dealt??? My millitary recruiter tells me if i wasnt arrested, booked, or charged he cant do anything to me if I join before that happens. More than one lawyer has told me the same thing. Should i try to hold this guy off and join??? Recruiter can get me out of here in 3 weeks topps. Could this fall back on me after i join and he puts a warrant out?? Recruiter says once i sign im military property and it wil be dismissed because Detective cant win a case against the military. Recruiter said i would of had to been arrested when we committed the crime. I dont know who to believe right now and i dont know what to do. Someone please help me!!!

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    Default Possible Criminal Prosecution

    Joining the military won't stop you from being charged. If you're in Iraq, though, the prosecution probably won't get very far... at least until your tour is over.

    So you don't want to try to work with the law enforcement agency to try to help them land a bigger fish? Then they probably will ultimately turn over their report to a prosecutor and ask that you be charged. You should already be working with a criminal defense lawyer.

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