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    Arrow Step-Mom is Having Issues with Birthmom's Friends and Family

    My question involves defamation in the state of: California\

    Basically here is some background, the stepmom became a stepmom in August. She is not the reason behind the parents split (they had been broken up for over 8 months when she got with the father) however the birthmom blames her for being the reason the father didnt go back to her (ugh, so not true!). There are two VERY young children involved and the stepmom provides care to them while the father is at work.

    Recently, an ex friend of the stepmom, who is now friends with the birth mom, sent the stepmom a rude message on myspace. The message made fun of the stepmom's deceased child and said that the step mom "had to steal another womans children". Just a horribly mean message. AND to top it off myspace has an "own your friends" application which is basically a game. Since the woman and the step mom where once friends, the woman had "bought" the stepmom on there. Well if you own someone you can write a PUBLIC message about them on there. The woman wrote "I Stole $400 from a single mom and am a FAKE MOMMY".

    Here is my question, the stepmom and the birthmom are on okay ground right now. The stepmom is very upset about the messages. She deleted her myspace page but the application (game) would not delete her. So all her friends can still see what that woman wrote about her. What can the stepmom do about this? She does not have this womans address, and she does not have very much money. BUT what this woman said was awful and not true. Thanks

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    Default Re: Step-Mom is Having Issues with Birthmom's Friends and Family

    What can the stepmom do about this?
    She can grow a thicker skin.

    No, I'm not being flip. That's her option.

    People write mean things on the Internet all the time. Unless the mean things written about you cause you to get fired from your job, kicked out of your house, denied entrance into a professional organization, or similar, real damages, there's nothing to be done for it but to roll your eyes and move on.

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