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    Default Public Figure in My Town Harassing My Family

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: middle usa.

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Middle usa

    A public figure in my town is harassing my family. This public figure has held numerous jobs in the city spotlight. This person has a broad spectrum of friends and contacts who are lawyers, judges, police, city council, city's wealthiest most powerful businessmen, and the like. He is dating a family member of ours. The majority of our family disapproves of him, because we feel he has done some terrible things to her , some of criminal nature, some of civil nature, that she personally has told us about. He has also said some terrible things to our family. She is an adult, with a job, an apartment and living with a mental illness. She has a history of being in mental hospitals, is listed with the local police dept with having a mental illness, when her ID is checked. She is making her own decisions in her life, and to be with him, is one of them. The most our family ever has done to him & her, is disapproved of him- and been very vocal to her & him, and within the family- verbally about the disapproval. We have very justified reasons for our disapproval of his actions toward her, and feel at times he victimizes her.

    We also changed the locks, because she had a key, and items in the home went missing, including financial info, and personal things of ours,during a time when she was asking/pleading for money. This disapproval was very hard for her to accept, and now years of her anger, and her constant looking for approval, which was denied, she has made efforts to distance herself from the family members that disapprove. This disapproval of him, has angered him as well , and for a very long time, he himself tried to get these members of the family to approve. When this failed, he retaliated with angry letters, calls & emails to family members who were and others who weren't involved. She also retaliated with angry phone messages, and altercations with some of the disapproving members. The two have a up & down realtionship. During the down times, angry hand delivered letters appear in our mailbox, carefully typed/ not written, with his name at the bottom typed, with a 10 cent stamp (which avoids federal issues of putting something in a mailbox without a stamp) uncancelled. One was typed, and mailed , with his name typed. Another, placed in our mailbox, ( not mailed) with handwriting on the envelope, and a typed letter inside. The nature and tone of the letters are of hatred remarks against our family, false accusations, slander, and retaliation. We have kept only a few of the typed letters from him, & hand written envelopes & the voice mails from her, because we knew his harassment will continue. We have record of the dates sent which span during a 10 year period , the most recent being this month. Six adult family members are witness to this behavior. So now what do we do ? The green isnt there for us to secure council. With his associations with the judges, lawyers, city council and authorative figures, we feel harassment charges, summons, or trail resulting from this might not be a fair.

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    Default Re: Public Figure in My Town Harassing My Family

    The two most powerful words when dealing with such behavior from public figures are: THE MEDIA

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