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    Default Debt Collection for an Ambulance Bill

    Hit-n-Run Accident/ Ambulance Charge: What are my options regarding the following? Can I go to small claims court against the driver for the outstanding bill or has the statute of limitation expired? Should I dispute the bill? Two years ago I was involved in a hit-n-run accident in Queens, NY. I was the pedestrian (don't own a car) crossing when I was hit by a car who later left the scene. The driver showed up at the hospiatl after the hospital and FDNY had acquired my insurance infomation. My insurance didn't cover all the costs related to the ambulance charges. I received a letter regarding the charge from the FDNY a month later. I called and explained to them the situation. They asked me to send a copy of the police report and a letter, which I did. I never heard back from them and there was never any notice of an outstanding bill in my credit report. As for the driver the police report stated that his insurance had just expired. In August of this year I received a letter from FDNY stating that I owed the outstanding balance ($318). A month later I received another letter from a collection agency requesting the amount owed. I called FDNY and they will not help, they simply transfer me to the collection agency which hasn't provided any assistance. I called the agency but they intimidated me with lawyers and court dates (which I now realize is illegal). The second time I called I was intimidated into working out a payment plan (I can't pay the bill all at once). I finally started to do some reseach and sent a letter disputing the charge. I have not received any responses but they have kept sending letters reminding me of the payment plan. I'm at a loss. All I wanted to do was move forward and it seems like I can't. What can I do?

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    Default Re: Debt Collector Re: Ambulance Bill

    It seems you set up a payment plan with the collection agency & they are waiting for you to honor the agreement.

    It is ultimately the patient's responsibility for the part of the ambulance bill the ins. will not pay.

    Your only recourse is to sue the driver who hit you in small claims court.

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