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    Default Petty Theft Charge After Stealing from a Grocery Store

    I was charged with petty theft when I stole about $45 worth of goods from a grocery store. I was stopped by LP agents after I left the store. I was detained in the store and signed an admission of guilt. The police were called and I was arrested. At the jail I was fingerprinted and had my mugshots..
    This is my first offense, but I was still VERY worrried and it took me awhile to even sleep well again.
    Fast-forward to today's court date.
    Court was at 8:30am. When I was finally called in front of the judge at 1:30pm I was no longer too worried as I heard the prior sentances for the same offence many times before I had my turn.
    I got up, judge formally read the charge. He asked if I wished to speak to a lawyer, I requested, and was immediately assigned a public defender. The district attorney (prosecutor) then read "the offer"
    I was offered a Deferred Entry of Judgement, and upon completion of a Theft I class, I go back in 90 days to have the charge and plea completely DISMISSED from my record! I will have no criminal record. The Public Defender advised me that when I go to apply for jobs, I can check NO for if I've ever been convicted of crimes... and that if it ever shows up, I can tell them truthfully that the charges were dismissed.

    No Fines
    No Community Service
    No Criminal Record

    I am glad that I was ordered to take the class because I know that I need to. This is the first time I was caught. This is not the first time I shoplifted. I've been lifting for over a year from almost every store that I've been going to. I know that I needed this to happen. I feel SO much better not lifting and honorably paying for everything I own.
    All of the 1st time shoplifters got this. There was a guy before me who was on his 2nd offence and he lifted $215 worth. He got 3 years informal probation and a fine of $150.

    I got off easy, and this will be the LAST time any court knows my name. I am actually very grateful for the way everything worked out.

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    Default Your wisdom is needed;)

    How old are you (minor or not) and what state do you live in? Here's my story:

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    and I'm not a minor
    great questions!

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    You'll still probably never get a job in retail ever again. And they can always see your arrest unless you have that sealed in the future. I know in IL, you have to wait 2 years.

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