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    Angry Can I Sue Over Girlfriend's Car Loan, I'm a Cosigner

    I co-signed on a car for my ex-girlfriend back when we were together, about two years ago. She assured me that she would be able to handle the payments on this car. She made the first payment, and that was pretty much it. She was on the same auto insurance as my mom and myself, so we were splitting the cost 3 ways. She never paid insurance either, I ended up paying both parts. I'll attempt to shorten this story. We broke up, she still had the car and I had to keep in touch with her for car payments. Always assured she was "able to pay this month" -- but never did. I came out of my pocket, because I didn't want her to go without transportation and possibly lose her job. That was way too nice of me, now that I look back on it all. Whatever. They put a repo out on the car, but I put the payments up to date myself to keep it from being repossessed and off my credit. I racked up about $4000 or more on my credit card because I had to use it to keep up the payments on the car. I couldn't afford two car payments and two full coverage insurance policies. I even traded cars with her so she would have a lower payment. She couldn't even do that much. So, coincidentally, I FINALLY decided it was time to take it all away from her. I took my car back as well. I'm basically stuck with two car notes now, and full coverage on two cars (one which I don't even drive). I can't take the car off the insurance because it's financed, and last time I tried to they wouldn't stop calling me. What can I do to get any money from her? She has never paid me back. I paid her rent twice to keep her from getting evicted, which she claimed she would pay me back for. I kept her out of jail twice due to warrants on unpaid tickets and missed court dates. This all has cost me thousands of dollars, and is STILL costing me.

    I know the story is quite ridiculous, and I got screwed big time. Now, I've got a payoff of about $20,000 left to pay on this car that I co-signed for, two cars, medium-high risk credit, and a struggle bank account to show for it. Is there ANYTHING I can do? Because I just feel like I'm over here struggling, and she walked away without a scratch...

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    Default Re: Can I Sue

    You can sue in small claims court. You have a better argument in relation to payments you covered while she had the car, as opposed to any payments that you made after you took the car back.

    If she's broke, though, how is she going to pay the judgment? There may be some emotional satisfaction to having a piece of paper saying she owes you money, but unless she pays you that doesn't pay off the car.

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    Default Re: Can I Sue

    Hmm. Thank you for the reply. Yeah, I kind of figured it was almost more trouble than it's worth. But in part, like you said, the emotional satisfaction of having the "piece of paper" would be kind of nice. Also costing me more money, if I needed a lawyer. Blah. I really just kind of wish I could put her through the hell I've gone through for the past couple of years because of her.

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