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    Default Distribution of Secret Recording

    hello everyone, was wondering if any of you could give me some needed advise. Ok , let my start from the begining. 6 years back my cousin put a hidden camera in my bedroom. Now let me just say that the recording he made is explicit in a sexual manner. Not sure if its with my wife or me by myself. That being said , my cousin made a myspace / youtube account and put this recording all over the internet. Furthermore he went to my job and gave everyone an email with this recording. He also spent countless hours emailing the recording to radio stations and any other place for promotion.
    Ok well here is the crazy part of the story . There is 2 radio stations that I know of now that is haveing the public call in and pick songs that has anything to do with the rcording. First question , even know the radio station isnt saying my name , is this illegal? And they do use references from the rcording and they revail hints to my identity.
    here s the second part to my crazy true and haunting story. Im a truck driver . i work for a beverage company in new england . Since the rumors and everyone seeing the recording i have been going through harrasment everyday. From people clapping , to people saying things that have to do with the recording. I recently found out that there is a tie between one of the radio stations that is makeing fun of me and my job. (I am a very sane person and I know the difference between real in fake) well last saturday I went to work picked up my truck and started my deliveries. Well I was listening on the radio station and heard the jockey talking about the recording so i decided to call them. well after listening for an hour I realized that they had devoted a whole weekend to have myspace listeners call in and pick songs to my recording.( this is when I put everything together) well the next thing im gonna say is why im haveing trouble getting lawyers or getting any advice. I Heard myself on the radio 5 times. My work put recording devices in my truck. and i do have one of the devices that I found after searching my truck. its called 1wire / I button. So now I know my work has been recording me in my truck and they know I know about it so they are continueing to spy on me to see if im gonna sue them. no one believes me. But this whole story is true and Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine people being so aweful. What do i DO. NOW I did leave out some details that might be important. How do I stop this

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    If this is true, you have a great case for invasion of privacy that any lawyer would sell his children to bring to court.

    The fact that lawyers are running away from you should tell you that maybe things are not as you see them.

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    yes i do understand that. My major issue. m so emotional about the subject that i become not well spoken and have a hard time saying what happened

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    Default Re: My Unbelievable True Story

    like what songs?

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