My question involves a speeding ticket from the State of: Wyoming

I have a California Driver's license and i was on a roadtrip to Wyoming and Utah. I generally do not speed at all, but as you know it is not possible to drive constant at posted speed limits on highways, that too when there is no one on the road (This was on interstate 287 going into Rawlins, Wyoming)

My charge was 63$ and i will pay it. I am only worried about a point getting added to my CA driver's license. I did a traffic school 6 months ago (that too was a BS ticket) and hence not eligible

I called the respective authorities and from what they are telling i understand i will not get a point in my license. Just want to confirm this.

Called Rawlins Court --> They said, Wyoming does not work on point system and at the same time do not support TBD. So, Wyoming will not charge me any point. They will leave it to the issuer state to judge

Called California DMV --> made them aware of the NRVC Compact Law, and told them California is not a member. The representative i spoke to, was not aware of this law (wierd), but said, if the other state does not issue a point to the ticket, California will not issue any.

Called Wyoming DMV --> the representative was aware of the NRVC, she re-confirmed Wyoming does not work on a point system and the fact that California is not a member of the NRVC they will not be reporting this speeding incident/tiket to California.

So, i believe i should not be getting a point to my CA license, but is the statement from Wyoming DMV true ? I just want to confirm am safe by just paying the bond amount

Thanks for your help