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    Default Complications After Hernia Surgery

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: AZ

    On 03/22/2007 I had a incisional hernia repair with mesh. I stayed overnight at NRMC and was released in good condition on 03/23/2007. My recovery went well. I had a Jackson-Pratt drain placed in my abdomen to drain any fluid that may have accumulated after surgery. On May 23, I went to the ER complaining of pain, nausea, my abdomen was unusually bloated and I had a large blister on my hernia incision (about the size of a half dollar) A CT scan was done which found collections of fluid. The ER doctor treated me for the pain with IV pain meds and eventually sent me home. I returned to the ER, complaining of the same symptoms, on 05/25/2007, except the blister was gone and now in it's place was a huge gaping hole! Dr. Greco was called and, once again, I was sent home. On 05/30/2007, I visited the ER....again. Same symptoms. I was cathed and another CT was done. This time I was admitted. The ER doctor, Susan Davies, found that the fluid collection had doubled in size and she admitted me to have them drained. In the morning, Dr. Greco stopped in to review the CT scan. He was upset that I had been admitted when there appeared to be no fluid. He said that the collections had shrunk size and that they were almost nonexistant. When I told him that the ER doctor had said that they had doubled in size, he informed me that Dr. Davies was an ER doctor and that she didn't have his medical training and he had me discharged. Eventually the hole closed up. On 06/08/2007, I woke up with another blister. This one was the size of a quarter. It drained and left another hole. I returned to the ER and another CT scan was done with contrast that found more fluid collection on the mesh. I was treated for pain and discharged with instuctions telling me to visit Dr. Greco on Monday 06/11/2007. Monday came and I visited Dr. Greco. His reply to the most recent CT scan was, "I guess there was fluid in there". He sent me to the hospital to have it drained immediately. The lab results showed that I had an elevated WBC count. The hole finally closed up. On 06/25/2007, I woke up with a blister about the size of a dime. That was it! I decided that in order for me to get any sort of a decent diagnosis, I would need to visit another hospital. On 06/26/2007, I drove to Gilbert, Az. 3 1/2 hours away and my sister accompanied me to the ER there. I had a fever when I arrived and I was pretty weak. The doctors saw me and a surgeon was called. I was in no immediate danger so the surery was put off until 07/01/2007. I was comfortable with this doctor, Joseph G. Abdo, so I decided to wait so that he could do the surgery. Dr. Abdo said that the CT scan that was done when I arrived of the abdomen and pelvis revealed abcesses of the abdomen and those were drained and had bacterial growth out of them. He said that I did have a fistula that connected to the scar and it went all the way down to the mesh. The mesh was infected on both sides of the abdominal wall. This was totally removed along with the sutures and the tags that were used to secure it in place. I was released from the hospital in Gilbert on 07/08/2007. I left with a wound vac. I had nurses that come in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to change the wound vac. This whole mess could have been avoided if Dr. Greco could have taken his ego out of the equasion and diagnosed the patient instead of worrying about the idea of him being wrong. I do hope that I have provided enough information for you to see and understand the pain and suffering that I have gone through and that I am still enduring due to this doctor that has a massive God complex.

    The way things stand now, I have a huge scar down the middle of my stomach, the infection was on both sides of the scar. Now that everything has healed, I have noticed that where the infection was,
    there is no sensation. Numb. If I have an itch............too bad, I can't get to it. And I find that there are times where the pain is unbearable. I'm not sure I know what is going on, but I think that I would call this 'nerve damage'.

    What are my choices? I'd like to take this jack-ass doctor to court.....but he's settled 2 other times. Guess that should have been a warning to me.

    I have already taken him before the Arizona Medical Board....they found more things that he has done wrong...but they only gave him 15-20 hrs of hernia/mesh education.

    What are my chances of getting this case heard before a judge..........or settled out of court?

    Sorry this was so long, but I'd appreciate the input.

    Thank you,


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    Default Re: Complications After Hernia Surgery

    WOW am I glad you posted! (And I can't believe that I missed it until now).

    I'm glad that your doing better now. I would do a few other things:
    1) Research the surgeon PRIOR to allowing him to operate on you. Everyone should do this.
    2) File a formal complaint with the hospital in question so he can be accountable to his peers.
    3) Get a lawyer and yesterday. You have a really good case. 90% or BETTER of all malpractice cases are settled so your chances of getting this before a judge isn't realistic. Part of the reason is so it doesn't become public record (glad to hear that part aren't ya?).

    Keep us posted and stay on top of the wound to make sure it doesn't get reinfected.

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