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    Default Getting Gas Turned On for Hot Water

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: oklahoma

    Hello my name is shane smith and I am a property manager for an apartment building in tulsa oklahoma. Between myself and the 9 tenants of this building we have a simple problem with no idea of what our options are. The owner of the building we are in has repeatedly promised to turn on the gas for hot water for almost two months now. Aside from this other then me and my wife no one even has a copy of there lease agreement as well as a location of where to send rent checks for the units we are in. he has stopped answering calls . Moving into the second month no one has been able to bath or pay rent. I have read the tenant law act of oklahoma and seemingly our only option is to simply move out however no one wants to do this as we are in love with this building and are happy with everyone living in it. We have become a community that we would very much so not like to break up for any reason. The biggest fear is that the building will be condemned by the city if we go to them for help. Do we have any options?????

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    Default Re: Info Please

    Honestly, my opinion would be to contact an attorney had have him look into the situation. Chances are, since the owner is no longer answering your calls, and nothing is turned on or no valid address in which to send the rent, he may have abandon the propery and it could be in foreclosure, or the beginning stages thereof.

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