My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Texas

3 bicyclists riding down the right lane of a 4 lane divided road, daylight no traffic. A school bus at the upcoming intersection (her road has a stop sign, ours does not) pulls into our path when we are around 15 ft from the bus traveling at 22 mph. The driver sees us and stops blocking 90% of our lane. In order to stop a bicycle at that speed at that close a distance, you are going over the bars unless you want to eat the side of a bus. So the first two riders go over the bars onto the road impacting each other, but thru heroic self preserving effort, avoid actually impacting the bus. There are damages and minor injuries. I do not know if the driver was cited for failure to yield.

Who is at fault?

Did she cause the wreck or is it our fault since we managed to avoid hitting her despite her Sh#$%y driving. I mean technically I was forced to lose control of my vehicle to avoid hitting her in my lane. You cannot stop a bicycle in that short distance. You can only chose between pavement or bus.

Where should this go? I contact her insurance company and discuss my damages?

Thanks in advance for any helpful information!