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    Default What do I Need to Prove Exemption

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of:Virginia
    I'm going to court Thursday for a hearing about Income Excemption on my Social Security Check.As I said before only thing is our (husaband and mine)
    SSchecks going in the account.There was a deposit made in September by our friends who live in Florida they made a deposit in our account for their daughter who lives with us and she does not have account of her own for her to buy a car.I have a notarize statement from her about this saying it was for her and a copy of the deposit slip. My question is what do I need to bring to the hearing to prove my case?My legal aid attorney they all went out of town for some kind of meeting so I'm on my own and very nervous.Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: What to I Need

    You need to take everything with you that you have/can to prove that the money in the account should be exempt from seizure.

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    Default Update on Judgement Excemption

    involves judgment recovery in the State of:Virginia
    I went to hearing today and judge ordered return of my Social Security funds with the order saying They cannot touch my SSchecks but anything else deposited in the checking account other than SSChecks they can take which I did have a refund check from our insurance of 12.40 they do get. Believe me nothing else will go in there.I can't go thru this again.
    Thanks for all advice

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