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    Question Do I Have to Sign a Contract with an Employer Who is Probably Bankrupt

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: Kansas

    I am currently an independent contractor teaching classes for a small business in Kansas. My contract will be complete on December 31, 2008. Due to differing opinions as to what constitutes a reasonable contract, I do not plan to continue as an independent contractor w/ this business after 12/31/08. The exit contract includes a 2-year non-compete clause that will cause me to lose my class location. Since the time that the contract negotiations began, my employer has declared personal bankruptcy. Is there any way that a personal bankruptcy can affect any contracts that I sign with the business?

    *Note* Since posting this I have received information from my employer stating that the bankruptcy is personal.

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    Default Re: Do I Have to Sign a Contract with an Employer Who is Probably Bankrupt

    We cannot comment on a contract or agreement we have not read.

    Show it to an attorney in your state.

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