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    Default Theft 2 and Driving While Suspended Warrant

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Washington

    My cousin was arrested yesterday for shoplifting. Her charge is Theft 2. She also had a warrant for driving while suspended. I have no experience with the criminal court system. What are we looking at here? How much time should we expect? Is there a possibility of her not doing any time?

    She was arraigned today at 9am for the theft 2, and still has to see the judge for the warrant in about half an hour. Right now her bail is $5000.

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    Default Re: Theft 2 and Driving While Suspended Warrant

    Her sentence depends upon her criminal history, which is apparently getting worse by the day. There's a possibility of no jail, but with two pending charges and a bench warrant she seems intent on spending some time behind bars.

    If she can, she should get her driver's license reinstated before her next court hearing, and bring proof of reinstatement with her to court.

    She should consult a criminal defense lawyer.

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