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    okay so heres my story. my dad has been verbally abusing me since i was thirteen. i am now fifteen. he has told me that im a bitch, im a hussy (whore), and that im skanky. the closest thing to physical abuse was grabbed by the shoulders and shaken. but that happened when i was like 8 i cant stay where i currently live because its not good for me in any way. i have attemped suicide three times becaue of where i live and being so unhappy! so i was wondering if i could get emancipated for that reason. my mom wouldnt be able to afford me and she is in an unstable home so i cant ask to live there because i would be laughed out of the courthouse if i did so. however i really do wish to be emancipated more then anything. i want to live with my best friend. her mom doesnt mind one bit. it is a stable home, i can get a job, and i have average grades. how do i get emancipated. i need it.

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    Laws are different in each state. Where are you?

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    Your best bet would be to start by talking to a trusted adult such as a teacher or school counselor. Your allegations of abuse need to be focused on first before emancipation can be considered by any court.

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