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    Default Learner's Permit Violation

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Indiana. My son was stopped by the police for driving on learner's permit. He was with his girlfiend who does not have a license. He was driving his gilfriend's parent's car with permission. The car had expired plates. At the time he was eligible to get a license, but I had not scheduled the appointment. He had held his learner permit for the required time. I have since taken him to the license branch and he got his license. He was ticketed for learner's permit violation and for operating the vehicle with expired tags. The tickets have not been paid yet. Question is will his license be suspended for this, and if so for how long?

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    Default Re: Learner's Permit Violation

    I'm finding nothing to indicate that his license will be suspended.

    He should be fine as long as he pays the tickets. However, it can't hurt to call the Clerk of Courts and ask after additional penalties.

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    Default Re: Learner's Permit Violation

    thanks for the help.

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    Exclamation Re: Learner's Permit Violation

    sorry to thread jack

    i need advise

    the same thing happened to me but in iowa

    Im 15 and i got a violation of school permit

    the officer didnt have a reason to pull me over he jsut did.

    I got ticket TODAY at 8pm roughly

    but my birthday is 11 days from now and my court date is nov 7 and nov 11 is my birthday

    the officer told me the court will prolly tell me to get my liceanse(spelling sry) and then show it to them.

    I think the reason for being pulled over might of been because i own a Bright red Grand prix GT 4 door.

    thank you guys in advance

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