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    Unhappy Ticket for Violation of School Permit

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: IOWA

    i need advise

    Im 15 and i got a violation of school permit

    the officer didnt have a reason to pull me over he jsut did.

    I got ticket TODAY at 8pm roughly

    but my birthday is 11 days from now and my court date is nov 7 and nov 11 is my birthday

    the officer told me the court will prolly tell me to get my liceanse(spelling sry) and then show it to them.

    I think the reason for being pulled over might of been because i own a Bright red Grand prix GT 4 door.

    thank you guys in advance

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    Default Re: Ticket for Violation of School Permit

    The reason the officer gave you for pulling you over was: _______ ?

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