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    Default Wanted on a Fugitive Warrant

    My question involves an Fugitive warrant from the State of: Connecticut. I moved to Pennsylvania in 1989, my cousin and someone else committed a crime (robbed a cab) in 1990 and when she was arrested she told the police that I was with her. I am licensed to sell in insurance in PA, when I applied for a job at AIG in 2006, the police came to my house and arrested me. I was held for 3 months and then released. I found out that the reason I was not extradited is because I was never arrested in Conn and they have no picture or fingerprints, they only have my cousins word.
    The warrant is still active and I want to take but I don't won't to be railroaded because I took so long to handle this situation or lose my insurance licensed do to a lie. Would can I do to help out a lawyer? I was thinking of getting my drivers license records and my work history from the Dept of labor to show that I lived in PA. I don't know if it will help my case though.

    Should I get a lawyer here in PA or a local lawyer in Conn?

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    Default Re: Wanted on a Fugitive Warrant

    So basically you either were in Connecticut at the time of the crime and could have been involved in the crime, or you are unable to demonstrate that you were somewhere else at the time (alibi)?

    Why is your cousin accusing you, if you know? Why, 18 years later, is she sticking to her story?

    Given that this occurred 18 years ago, it might be possible to work out a pretty good plea deal to get rid of the charge, but that's easiest to do with a defendant who is guilty. The prosecutor will typically want some type of guilty plea, as opposed to offering a resolution involving a straight dismissal, unless there's some pretty strong evidence that you're innocent.

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    Default Re: Wanted on a Fugitive Warrant

    I was not in CT at that time. My cousin has always been evil to me and I look at this as just another one of her lies. My cousin is also a convicted felony that has a long history of foolish run ins with the law.

    Our parents are no longer speaking and I have not spoken to her since 1990. I don't have any thing but my word as an alibi, I was living and working in Philadelphia at that time but I don't have any idea exactly what day it was. I can provide proof of residence and a work history that shows that I lived in Philadelphia also.

    I shouldn't and don't want to plead anything!!!

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