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    Default ER Doctor who is medicare supplier employed by who?

    It is my understanding that a hospital that is comunity owned can't be sued, and the ER doctor misdiagnoses a patient can't be sued either if they are employed by that hospital,am I right? If that ER doctor is listed as a medicare participating supplier,does that mean they work independently in the hospital if they do not have thier own medical office outside the hospital?Your expert answer would be greatly appreciated thanks. Mary

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    Default Governmental Immunity

    Sometimes a doctor who is a government employee, or a government-owned hospital, will be able to claim governmental immunity. But governmental immunity has exceptions, and even where it applies a claim can often nonetheless be made though a "court of claims". If you believe malpractice occurred, you should consult a malpractice lawyer about your situation. (Assume that there is no immunity - let your lawyer make that determination.)

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    Very helpfull information thanks! I know the hospital is not goverment owed,I never thought that perhaps the doctor could be a goverment employee. Thanks,I will discuss this with an attorny.

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