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    Default Military Divorce While Overseas

    I am trying to get info. for a someone who is currently stationed in Japan. He and his wife were married in the phillipines but they are now thinking of filing for divorce in Japan since it's where he's stationed. If they get divorced in Japan, will it be recognized here in the US?

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    Default Re: Military Divorce While Overseas

    We're assuming here that both spouses are content to divorce in Japan, and will cooperate in getting the divorce through Japan's legal system? Then yes, the U.S. will recognize the judgment. For all the ugly details, read this.

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    Default Re: Military Divorce While Overseas

    I have a question myself. It's a complicated situation, my friend wants to get a divorce as well, he's having a hell of a time with it. His wife is in Kansas while he's stationed in Korea. He's petitioned for divorce, but she is being very uncooperative, and he filed uncontested. It's already taken him 6 months to get the paperwork to her. They have huge debts, but he doesn't have the information on the debts as they're under her name. No kids. Would a contested divorce take him as long as this uncontested divorce is taking, if he sent it out within the next few weeks?

    Thanks for all your information.

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