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    Default Used Car Breaks After 14 Days

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Ohio

    Bought a used car (2006, 40k miles) and after 2 weeks the airbags stopped working. Turns out the heated seats caused some kind of circuit malfunction and the repair is going to be $1500. Is the dealer who sold me this car responsible at all? The only warranty was a 3 month drivetrain warranty, so I know electrical problems aren't covered in that. But somebody has got to be responsible for this car breaking after 2 weeks. The problem was most likely pre-existing and just waiting for the seat heaters to be turned on. I have heard from friends, but been unable to confirm, that dealers are responsible for any failures up to 30 days after purchase of a used car. Any truth to that?

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    Default Re: Used Car Breaks After 14 Days

    This is a 2006 used car? But there is no manufacturer's warranty in effect? (I guess it was a 3 year, 36,000 mile basic warranty?)

    Have there been any prior repairs to the electrical system or airbags? Have there been any modifications to the car that might have caused this problem to arise?

    Have you checked to see if this is the subject of a recall, or if the manufacturer will cover the repair?

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    Default Re: Used Car Breaks After 14 Days

    Some states do allow certain grounds for returning a used vehicle for refund within a specified period (not sure if Ohio does though). Also, while most lemon laws apply strictly to new vehicle sales, the Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act might afford some grounds for relief. I would also take a close look at Ohio's "Motor Vehicle Sales Rule" (Ohio Administrative Code
    109:4‑3‑16) to see if any of the protections afforded there are applicable.

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