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    Unhappy Workers Comp Sent Me to the Wrong Doctor

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Hello, I had a severe injury to my rt ankle, Workers comp sent me to a ortho that only works on hips and shoulders, he never did an MRI and told me I just sprained it,he quickly sent me to aggressive pt, I could not even walk on it, the dr kept telling me that I sprained it good and to try harder, then after 30 days sent me back to work with out restrictions, I am a firefighter ! I kept going back to him and after 4 months of this, he said he dosnt know why they sent me to him, he does not work on ankles, requested to see an ankle surgeon 5 different times, 10 months after the injury they sent to to an ankle surgeon, he immed did an MRI, he told me I did 100% more damage,had tendon tear,Fracture with necrosis,I have type 2 diabetes and 3 ankle surgeon's told me because of where the fx is,they would have to rip my ankle apart, and I would get a plate and 12 screws, and will end up worse,they said to leave it alone ! he told me my career as a firefighter my be over, he said I was misdiagnosed , does anyone know what rights I have ? I feel this should be workers comp fault, since they made me go to the wrong doctor after even requesting an ankle surgeon 5xs over ten months, because of them my carreer as a firefighter will be over, thank you

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    sorry, this is the state of Florida

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    What a sad story! I think you should get a consultation from a worker's comp attorney and a medical malpractice attorney. You have nothing to lose because they usually give free consultations. In my opinion, the doctor may be liable because he accepted you as a patient and treated you even though it sounds like he wasn't qualified to treat you.

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