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    Default Emancipation laws

    Hello, I'm new to this sight,so i hope I'm doing this right. My daughter wants to move in with her boyfriend now that she just turned 17. Her family life is good, if anything she is spoiled. The sad part about it, in her mind she thinks her boyfriend wont cheat on her if their living together. He is a player type and has been caught with his ex in the past. He is 20 yrs. old, doesn't work and somehow manages to get material things that cost $1000,00's of dollars. Since she has met him she has been skipping school,staying out all night and drinking alcohol. I love her dearly and if she moves in with him her schooling will be the first thing to go. I live in Michigan and need to know if just because she is 17 does she now have the right to move out? She says she loves us, it would just be fun to live with him. If you know anything it would be so helpful because Im a nervous wreck. thank you so much

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    Default Michigan Emancipation Law

    In Michigan, she doesn't have the legal right to move out unless (a) she is legally emancipated, or (b) she turns 18. (Of course, the situation is a bit more complicated than that - as you will have to decide what to do if she moves out against your wishes.)

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