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    Default ROW for Natural Gas Pipeline

    The rear of my Pennsylvania property has a 600' long x ? wide right of way for a natural gas pipeline. The ROW was originated in 1913 and is vague (surprise) as to the width permitted. The gas company has maintained the area at a width of only 25', there are 60' tall trees right up to that point - so they have been growing awhile.

    If they do improvements, do they have the right to hold me to the present day standard of 50'-75' wide or would they need to re-negotiate the ROW since they have only maintained it at 25'? I guess it is common in my area for a vague ROW from that time, which is to the gas companies benefit (then and now) I assume.

    Second, due to the boom with drilling new wells - the neighbor opposite me is putting in a well. Does the gas exploration company have the right to use my portion of the ROW without my permission in order to pipe his well to the pipeline? I imagine they do since they are working with the gas company.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: ROW for Natural Gas Pipeline

    The easement document may have the language "open and undefined" which along with a multiple line clause lets them add on or build additional pipelines and you get paid damages. For the other question, I would think you need to look at oil and gas rights on you property. Why not ask the neighbor or the people crossing your property under what authority they do so, then research it from there.

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