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    Default Diffrent Factors

    Can a visitation schedule be revisited if A: One of the parents gets married and has more family support then they had when the first visitation schedule was agreed to. and B: The mother was working Sat-Mon and the father had the child sat and sun with her being in daycare on monday, then the mom was with her the rest of the week. The whole reason that schedule was agreed to was because they both thought it best that one of the parents be home rather than have her in daycare all the time..but now it's changing and the daughter would have to be in daycare full time, when she could just be in half time under a new visitation schedule and the dad, and dads spouse could take care of her more.

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    Default Modifying Parenting Time

    The best approach to modifying parenting time is to sit down with the other parent, discuss the present situation, and agree on a better arrangement.

    If that is not possible in your case, possibly depending upon the last date you went to court over custody or parenting time matters, you could petition the court to revisit the parenting time schedule based upon the changed circumstances. To modify parenting time you must establish "clear evidence of the change in conduct or circumstances", and (as that language suggests) the change must relate to events, conduct and circumstances that have changed or occurred *after* the last court hearing on the subject.

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