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    Default Leaving Home with Parental Concent 17

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: New York

    My mother is wondering if when i turn 17 (in January) can she legally let me leave home to move into an apartment with a friend. She is on board with this choice she is just concerned if i get into legal trouble she will be held responsible since im not living in her house and still under the age of 18. So what we are wondering is could my mother get into trouble for letting me live outside of her house. And can she be held responsible for things i do because she does not make me live with her.

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    Default Re: Leaving Home with Parental Concent 17

    Yes, she can legally allow you to move out at 17. There is no law prohibiting her from allowing it; therefore she cannot get into any "legal trouble" for allowing it. However, she will still be legally responsible for any trouble you might get into until you are 18, whether you are living at home or not.

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