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    Default F4 Brother to Sister Petition

    HI to all,

    My question is about a petition by my Uncle to my mother. It was called i think F4 petition. It was filed last Sept of 1987 and it has been 21 years now and still, no visa available from the NVC. My mother is 71 yo. Shes been here to the USA last year as a visitor visa (multiple entry) and just recently returned back home. I would like to know how long does she need to wait more to be able to hear from the NVC?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Default Re: F4 Brother to Sister Petition

    Your uncle may have filed a petition of some sort relating to your mother, 21 years ago? And he hasn't investigated its status, or updated her on its status, since?

    He can use the online case status checker, but odds are he either got a rejection a long time ago, or let things lapse by not taking action following a notification or request for information from the INS/UCSIS.

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