My question involves criminal records for the state of: Ohio and Louisiana

Dear Sirs:

I was arrested in Ohio in 1995 on an OMVI charge. After spending time served for this charge, I was extradited to Louisiana on worthless check charges (six counts). A few months and several hundred dollars later my public defender was able to get the charges dropped (I have a letter from the investigators office stating this).

Even though this arrest took place thirteen year’s ago and the charges were dropped, I am still flagged as a “fugitive from justice”, presumably from the arrest warrants issued by the state of Louisiana?

My quandary now is am I eligible for expungement, and if so how do I go about clearing my arrest record. Do I need to pursue this in BOTH Ohio and Louisiana? Furthermore, due to the potentially complex nature of this process should I hire an attorney for this or am I able to complete this process by myself?

I recently graduated with a 4.0 undergrad degree, but am still unable to find a good job due to my arrest record. Will an expungement clear my name so that I will be able to find gainful employment, or will employers still see my record?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.