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    Question Cardiac Heart Doctors

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Florida.

    I would like to know how and where I can go to find Florida workman compensation cardiac heart doctors?
    I have a case settled in a New England state but have moved to central Florida for health reasons, how does one find a heart doctor and how do you know that it is a good doctor?

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    There are many physician referral services available on the internet, just do a search. Try searching for "central florida cardiac physician referral" and you'll hit a ton of them.

    There are different types of cardiologists, some invasive some not. Once you find one, call them and ask if they deal with WC issues (if your condition is still covered under wc).

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    Default Re: Cardiac Heart Doctors

    have you asked your doctor in the new England area to refer you to somebody? They may have contacts, or at least knowledge of an appropriate doctor in your area.

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    The difficult part is finding a Florida doctor who will accept payment through an out-of-state worker's compensation system. It seems more likely that a doctor who participates in Florida's worker's compensation system would participate in an out-of-state system, but there's no guarantee of that.

    Try asking at, where you are going to get suggestions from other injured workers, as the focus here is on legalities. It doesn't much help you to hear what you already know - Florida doctors don't have to participate in an out-of-state worker's compensation system, nor is there any directory of doctors who do participate in out-of-state systems.

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    Default Re: Cardiac Heart Doctors

    Thank-you everyone!

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    Smile Re: Cardiac Heart Doctors

    If you want the best Cardiac Surgeons in the State you need to contact Shands in Gainesville. They recently did heart surgery on my husband and even though it was pretty complicated and know on my local surgeons who are also excellant would do it, the did an excellant job. My husband was only in intensive care 3 days and then was out of the hospital a week after his surgery. He is doing great. Just a referral from an ordinary person. I am no an attorney nor am I a doctor so take my referral only as a person trying to help.

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