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    Default Boneheaded Sister Caught Shoplifting

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: MA

    My 19 year old sister called me last night and said she had been caught shoplifting. She told me they brought her back to the LP office, took her information, called the cops, and asked her to sign two papers (one banning acknowledging her crime and banning her from the store for the year). Now, they waited for the cops for almost an hour and they never showed, so the security woman let her and her friend go free. My question is will she receive a letter to appear in court if the cops were never involved? I figure she will probably get a letter from the company asking her to pay a fine, which she will (trust me), but I don't know what to tell her about the court appearance. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Boneheaded Sister Caught Shoplifting

    I spoke with the store's LP office the other day and cleared up a few things. They told me that when they called the police, no information about my sister was given, only that she was a 'female shoplifter'. They also told me the company would be pressing charges and it was up to the DA whether they would actually prosecute or not. We live in Massachusetts. What are the chances the DA will skip over her case because it is only worth $86 (pennies compared to some of the other stories I've read on this board in the past few days)? Any help you all can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Boneheaded Sister Caught Shoplifting

    If the police report is made, the odds are very high that a prosecutor will authorize charges.

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