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    Default Bringing Non-Firearm Weapons into a Privately Owned Place That Says "No Weapons"

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Utah

    Hi, my question is about non-firearm weapons. No, I wasn't charged with anything even if I'm posting in that forum, I was just curious about the legality of the situation. The other day I went to the Energy Solutions Arena. It used to be called the Delta Center and its main purpose is where the Utah Jazz in the NBA play. I went there to go to a career fair. Hidden on me, I was carrying a loaded and cocked handgun, plus pepper spray, and one of those dart-firing air TASER guns, for self-defense, obviously. I have a Utah concealed firearms permit, which makes it legal for me to carry around a loaded firearm with me in my vehicle, public schools (including public universities), and in public (with some exceptions). The law doesn't prohibit you from carrying in sports arenas or public gatherings, provided you have the permit. However, it does say that a privately owned place may post a sign or tell you verbally not to carry firearms inside, and if you do, then it's a civil infraction. So when I approached the entrance of the Energy Solutions Arena, all over all of the glass doors I saw "NO WEAPONS NO WEAPONS" spaced every two feet. So it was quite obvious that a sign was reasonable placed and visible. So I had to walk all the way back to where I had parked to drop off all of my self-defense gear (I don't know how I'd survive if I went to a place like the UK since they restrict all self-defense devices), and then finally went back to the place. There were no metal detectors to get inside.

    My question is: The law says it's a civil infraction to bring firearms into a privately owned place that says no weapons, however are there any laws saying you can't bring in non-firearm weapons if a sign is posted? For example, if a place puts up a sign saying "No food or drink" and you sneak in food or drink, my guess would be there are no criminal penalties for bringing it in (for example a movie theatre), but they could tell you to leave if they caught you and if you refuse they could get you for trespassing. Would the same apply to bringing in a dart-firing air TASER and pepper spray into a privately owned place, or is there a Utah law for that that would get you in trouble?

    Just curious, thanks

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    Default Re: Bringing Non-Firearm Weapons into a Privately Owned Place That Says "No Weapons"

    You can look up Utah statutes here.

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