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    Default Saving My Education

    My question involves expungements or pardons for the state of: Virginia; In 2002 while homeless w 2 kids I got caught up in something. I was charged w grand larcony, and possession ofcontrolled substance, both felonies. In the end of the situation in 2005, the drug charge was dismissed and the larcony was ammended to a misdeamor. I am now A Nursing student due to graduate by may 2010. I am getting conflicting answers in regard to expungment of my record. I will not be allowed to take the state board with these charges even with the dismissal or amendment. It is also stopping me from employment since everyone does criminal histories now/ I have a clean record before and after the 2002 incident except when my dog got out. I have 1 degree and now have a 3.6 GPA in my program. I am very concerned that I wont be able to accomplish my goal because of a lack of judgement 6 yrs ago. Also do they count from the date of charge or the sentence date since it took 3 years. Thank You.

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    According to this document, conviction of a crime in the state of Virginia results in a permanent record.

    Expungement is only available to those who are innocent.
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