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    Default Beginning a Business - Contract?

    My question involves business law in the state of: England


    Me and a guy are starting up a new online project. We will be doing it 50/50, we need to get some sort of contract set up between us to define responsibilies, ownership etc. There are a couple of things which I don't know and was hoping that someone here could clear it up for me.

    1) What should such a contract consist of?
    2) The person I am working with is 16, we are both from the UK. Any one know whether he can sign this himself or whether he needs a guardian to sign for him?
    3) Anything else we need to be aware of?
    4) Anyone have a sample contract that we could tweak to our needs?

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    Default Re: Beginning a Business - Contract?

    This is a U.S. board and, with due respect to your suggestion to the contrary, although we did win the war a couple of hundred years ago it did not result in England's becoming a U.S. state. I suggest consulting a solicitor in the U.K., or trying to find a U.K. legal answers site.

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