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    Default Cancer Card to Squeeze Them, Wanna Help?

    My question involves independent contractors in the state of: California

    Not to pull the card but if it will help or someone thinks of a way that it could be used to put the pressure on these assholes ill do it. I have Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer and i dont mind using that card if it can help cause them stress.

    My Aunt and her husband got a job as an Independant Contractor for The Record Searchlight, they did one day of training and did so
    good that they let them go out by themselves, so when i put my Application in, it gave me easy access to getting a job knowing them. I'm sure theyll be posting on here after i show them some of the posts ive seen on here, like this one "" is exactly what is happening to them right now except not 50$/Day, there charging 20$/Hour. Back to my situation, I sign a temporary contract to which is done fast and i never get a copy of the contract "my aunt and uncle didnt either" so i get the job and i ride with Andrea the District Manager of a week and do route 208 which ends up taking us 5hrs to do half of it, apparently its suppose to be a couple route, it was 2 routes combined with a total of a little over 80miles not including there and back. The next night i ride with Andrea again but now using my car which ends up taking just shy of 8Gallons of gas. I didnt like the route but i like the job so i tell her ill take it, she explains to me that she wants me to do a different route, which is route 608. As im loading up on the 3rd day im told that the temporary contract that i signed for the first route '208' only pays me for those 2days IF i end up taking on that route. Which i wanted to take before even knowing about the contract payment BS. The guy who has been doing this route rides with me in my car and points out the houses to me and i do the route. The next night they ask if i like the route which i Very Much did, it was a really sweet route. So we take my car again for the second time on the second route they gave me. Another District Manager Heather asked me where my Aunt and her Husband were, so i called them and found out the next day that they quit because they were told they would make 1600$ a month and after they signed the contract found out it wasnt even close to that figure. I Didnt get one complaint and i was told to come in tomorrow a half hour early to negotiate my contract, the next morning i get a call from District Manager Andrea telling me that i cant have the route because my aunt and husband had quit, I asked her how them quitting affected me, she said it made her 'weary' that i might quit, i told her that they might have done that but im not them and that i was commited to doing the route, she said I'm Sorry and that was it. As im writing this im calling Andrea right now, I just asked her whats going on with paying me for the days that i worked and she told me "ill look into that and get back to you".

    Does anyone here know if theres like a certain number of days that the employer has to pay you before you can start "plotting legal maneuvers to put pressure on them" going forth with legal action? I worked October 24th, 25th, 26, and 27th, the pay period ends on the 1st and is paid on the 4th.

    Would appreciate some good legal advice on how to handle this!

    I had to open my mouth around an employee yesterday so they know how pissed i was about not getting paid.

    Well i hope someones got some good ideas to do if and when they dont pay. I NEED some Legal actions to do to kinda put some pressure on em, so i dont have to take matters into my own hands,

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    Default Re: Cancer Card to Squeeze Them, Wanna Help?

    If you are truly an Independant Contractor, then you don't fall under employment laws. You would have to take the company to small claims to recover your money.

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