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    Default Who Can Get Copies of a Deposition

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida
    As a witness for the prosectution, I gave a deposition to the defendant"s attorney. Do I have a right to get a copy of the deposition? Should it be furnished to me or do I need to pay for it, if I'm entitled to it? To make an amendment to a deposition, when I go to read it within 30 days, can I take another person with me to go over it to make notes or amendments for me other than an attorney? thank you.

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    Default Re: Who Can Get Copies of a Deposition

    You can ask the defendant's attorney if they will provide you with a copy, or allow you to purchase a copy for the cost of copying. I don't know if the court reporter will sell you a copy, as you're not a litigant, but even if so you can expect to pay about $1.50 per page for a copy from a court reporter.

    Why do you need somebody else with you to help you make notes? If you wish for somebody else to go along, ask the attorney if it's okay.

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    Default Re: Who Can Get Copies of a Deposition

    Thanks for your reply. I don't really need anyone to go along to take notes, etc. but a friend who has professional secretarial skills offered to type any changes if I felt they were needed.

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