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    Angry Installation of Mailboxes On and Off Easement

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Pa.

    Rural, scenic, gorgeous property in wooded, secluded, countryside in Pa. My land boundries junction, forming a corner of a public road, and my private road. I granted right of way 40 yrs. ago to 5 or 6 families up the hill, [private rd.] which returns back down a hill to overlook lake. Post Office could & would not deliver back rd., as it was gravel and only served 4 familes. Had a rural 'countrified' cluster mailbox in my front yard of about 5 boxes on old barn posts.

    Fast forward 40 yrs., land divided off to heirs, sold, etc., and I now have 30 plus families using my road. Ok, have dealt with that issue of MY ENJOYMENT of my easement being forfeited or diminished, & 'landlockers' attempting to gain every inch of ground they can due to congestion on a rural private road..... BUT THE LAST STRAW.....THE MAIL BOXES!!!!

    Each new resident has had to depreciate my property value AND impose on a gorgeous setting by putting their box on my front lawn. I guess we could dicker about zoning footage from the center of the road, although I have become familiar with 'FAIR SHARE' zoning, and can show these residents have moved their overgrown, monster posts & boxes at least 3 feet farther back from distant neighbors on either side of me on the public road.

    I have been tolerate of the mailbox issue also, over the yrs., as many longtime residents whom are landlocked have also petitioned the PO to deliver back the lane. PO mantra then was 'usps can NOT deliver on private rd., lane, property????' [which they do at doorsteps everyday].

    Now over 1 month ago, Sun. am, I awoke to bulldozers out my front bedroom window. There are at least 5 men bulldozing ON MY PROPERTY, [NOT EASEMENT] tearing out my plants, removing my large landscape stones, etc. I go down to see what is happening, to find they are replacing the old posts & boxes. I was the only one NOT NOTIFIED BESIDE THE POST OFFICE, whom they also neglected to tell to the chagrin of the carrier Mon. am.

    I said 'you are really getting close to disturbing my drainfield & pipeworks, & you can not move your posts to the other side as that is where my tank is.'

    Four hours later they were finished, but I did not get the chance to view until later that evening. They stole my box [forgot to put mine back up] and they STOLE MY LAND. Because they could not get oversized 'non - regulation, non - breakaway posts' into the roadside, one man said ' they went back farther into your bank'. Also what was a 15' bearable eyesore, has now turned into a 30' 'trailer park, condo, apt. complex, commercially zoned, LOSS OF PROPERTY VALUE' nightmare, as they left 3" between boxes.

    I call Township supervisors & complain of traffic, blind intersection, safety
    hazards, etc., & the fact that I am zoned rural. Am told to call PO.
    PO says they won't deliver on private road. I inform po that rd. is paved
    & list numerous irregularities; some as close as 1 mi. away, at the next PO.
    Going through several employees, finally get the postmaster to come out to
    view the private road in question.

    Yeah, all these yrs. & we are told by postmaster, he will begin service
    back the well maintained lane, & I can finally have the 30 plus boxes
    removed from my front property. All that needed done was to set up a
    meeting with 'landlockers' to see where they would like their boxes. He
    assured me, that now that he was agreeing to service, my 'mailbox
    OVEREXPOSURE' would end.
    Put out the word to the residents whom I grant r.o.w. to, and
    are too cheap and lazy.

    Now postmaster superior steps in and says I can NOT require these
    residents to move thier boxes, even though service would now be
    extended to the private lane. I countered that I should not be held
    hostage by vindictive residents who cry when I ask them to not block
    my drive when they sit on MY PRIVATE R.O.W. LANE, as they wait for
    the school bus. [I have explained that I have an autistic adult child with
    a history of grand mall seizures & need open access for the ambulance.]

    She claims that I can not expect them to CHANGE!!! What have I
    been doing over the yrs. each time a box went up. I was not notified of
    the 'neighborly complaints' & the postmasters' recant until to late in the
    day Fri., on the eve of a holiday wk end for them. Also, I could not get
    with my attorney due to the late hr of day, I was notified of the change.

    I do have the postmasters' superior coming out on Wed. am to
    attempt to quiet my rage, but would like as much legal input on usps
    policy, regulation, statues, precedence, & zoning help as possible.


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    Red face Re: M N Ent P. O. Main?

    My apologies to readers. I attempted to use, and the preview showed, I was using the bullet markers. Hopefully, some of you will still muddle through to understand my scattered, long - winded history, and my PLEA for help. ty

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    Default Re: M N Ent P. O. Main?

    This is an easement over your land, for the placement of mailboxes for the houses behind yours? If so, for the construction on the easement, I doubt that you have a remedy. For new construction on your own land, beyond the confines of the easement, you should be able to pursue an action for trespass or ejectment.

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    Question Re: M N Ent P. O. Main?

    Quote Quoting Mr. Knowitall
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    This is an easement over your land, for the placement of mailboxes for the houses behind yours? If so, for the construction on the easement, I doubt that you have a remedy. For new construction on your own land, beyond the confines of the easement, you should be able to pursue an action for trespass or ejectment.

    Mr. Knowitall,

    Thank you for taking the time to read & reply. Before their repair/renovations & enlargements 4 wks. ago, they were more in line with the municipal easemets 'enjoyed' by the rest of the township residents bording public roads, for mailbox placement.

    After seeing what they did 4 wks. ago, however, I am out of straws. [last straw? feeble, I know] and I told the Post Office, 'I want them out because the next time residents rebuild under usps protection, they will be in my LIVINGROOM'.

    This is why I began perusing the usps manual, etc., and spent the past month strongly requesting & protesting. It all came down to finally having the postmaster physically inspect the private lane this past Wed., am. as they refused to deliver on it for the past 40 yrs. leaving no where else to put their boxes but the public lane, bordering my frontal property.

    He said, 'ok, we are going to deliver up that nicely paved road with new million dollar homes overlooking the lake', [me paraphrasing of course] 'and the only thing we need a meeting for is to have the private lane residents be in touch with the carrier as to the best location, but we will have them remove boxes from your location now that we will deliver up there'. He said, 'let's hope that all are in agreement with wanting their boxes up there'.

    I replied that usps regulation stated that once a new route is established, if those residents preferred to not get mail at their residence, they need to rent a po box at own expense'. Postmaster then stated to his assistant, 'she's good, we could use her in mgt.' confirming this regulation.

    He asked me to be in touch with the residents which I did via a flyer. Most were estatic but a few are being stubborn, & did not like me explaining that they need to place boxes at their prop. or rent a po box.

    Late Fri. pm, I received a call saying that the postmaster may be recanting the delivery on the private lane because some people complained that it would create congestion, disturbance, & esthetic depreciation.??? & what have I dealt with the past 10 yrs. X 30??

    I was now being told that our perception of the regulation REQUIRING postal consumers to remove boxes & place on the new extended route in closer proximity to their property is INCORRECT.

    • can these land lockers to whom I grant r.o.w. on my private lane, continue to hold me hostage, to remain at their mercy , although PO has finally agreed to deliver on their own property.

    • how does the usps justify continuing to degrade my front property, allowing me no control of my 'curbside appeal', when it was agreed the residents would now have delivery on the private rd.

    • are there any zoning ordinances to use if we can not get past PO inconsistances, citing traffic hazards, etc. or the fact that 30 plus indivdual private mailboxes are more commercial than rural zoning


    • what about my right to the ENJOYMENT of my property?? by allowing them easement/ r.o.w. on my private rd., it is not to interfere with MY ENJOYMENT of MY PROPERTY. when does the line get drawn as to how many more families I allow to use the lane. half of them up there, are heirs of divided property, so the list of cars & MAILBOXES grows and grows and do I 'un ease' half of the reisdents up my private lane

    I hope I can get in for legal council before the next meeting with usps on Wed. am. In the meantime, due to harrassment by some of the neighbors, I have placed a survellence camera on my front arbor gate, which would normally veiw a field full of 15 deer, and the mountains in the backround, but now monitors the disgust of 30 plus mailboxes.

    I have also been taking photos of vehicles going up my private lane for id purposes & am considering putting up a HUGE privacy fence all along my private lane that I would place right on the 'tippy-toe' fringe of the present roadside edge, where easement should NOT be an issue as I own the lane, and have only granted access.

    Thank you again to all readers & responders for sharing any & all input

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    Default Re: M N Ent P. O. Main?

    As I said, if this is an easement over your land, for the placement of mailboxes for the houses behind yours, for the construction on the easement, I doubt that you have a remedy. For new construction on your own land beyond the confines of the easement, you should be able to pursue an action for trespass or ejectment.

    If you want people to be able to help you, state clearly what your remaining issue or issues are, and skip all the extraneous detail.

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