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    Default Driving with Expired License in Florida

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: FLA

    Last month I was pulled over for a broken tail light. After I submitted my registration, Insurance and my driver's license (foreign valid license) I then proceeded to tell the officer, I also have my FLA driver's license which is expired, and I am getting it renewed tomorrow.
    The reason I told the officer about my FLA license is because it's under the same last name as the registration and insurance and under the same address (It is my uncle's car)

    To make a long story short, they cited me with 2 tickets.
    Violation: *322.065 - DRIVER LICENSE (expired license less than 4 months)
    Violation: 316.610 - OP VEH UNSAFE CONDITION

    Officer told me if I show up to court with proof of a renewed license and fixed tail light, they might/will drop the charges (not sure)

    Anyways, my question is that if I pay for both infractions (money is not an issue, I just want to resolve the problem ASAP and with no legal ramifications) will I have any points or * on my record?


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    Default Re: Driving with Expired License in Florida

    Neither of those offenses carry points.

    Had your FL license been expired more than four months, it would have carried a penalty of two points.

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