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    Default Background Check Shows False Criminal Record

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: california and michigan

    Hi, first time posting here, and hopefully this the correct category. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here's my situation:
    I am from California, never been in trouble with anything...never been arrested, never had a speeding ticket, nothing. Now I've been living and going to school in Michigan since September 2007. When I decided to volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club in Michigan they took my information and did a background check on me a couple of weeks ago. The other day I was contacted by the club asking me for an explanation on why my record showed 1 criminal match. I had no idea what to tell them because I have no idea what it could possibly be and now I need to find out what I'm suppose to do now to go about figuring out what's going on because I believe my record is wrong.

    My question is, what should I do and who should I contact or talk to?
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Background Check Shows False Criminal Record

    Ask them if they will give you the name of the reporting agency or the court in which this 'record' was entered. If they do you can contact the court and ask for a copy of the record (for a nominal fee). If not, you can run a background check on yourself (again for a fee) to get the information. That way, you can get it straightened out.

    Mistakes like this do happen from time to time.

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    Default Re: Background Check Shows False Criminal Record

    Fact is, it's not that easy M'sta Mikey. I've been denied an apartment twice now due to a false positive on the Criminal Background portion of my credit check. I've worked with the Texas DPS to find out who this person really is without any luck whatsoever. Further, my main complaint is with the pompous presentation of this false claim as if it were fact in the report. Even relatives of the subject in a background check are labelled as "Possible Relatives." But convictions are labelled Criminal Background and not Possible Criminal Background as they should be.

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    Default Re: Background Check Shows False Criminal Record

    Have you disputed the entry with the credit reporting agency?

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