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    Default Worker's Comp. Pay Reimbursement

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Pa. My husband is using Vacation Days for Dr. appts and also used a half day of vacation pay after the injury.Under what circumstances can he be reimbursed for using his vacation time/Pay?The Dr. had told him that he was to sit and rest the knee due to an ACL injury.

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    Default Re: Worker's Comp. Pay Reimbursement

    According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, "You must be disabled more than seven calendar days (including weekends) before WC payments for disability are payable. Benefits for time lost from work are payable on the eighth day after injury. Once you have been off work 14 days, you receive retroactive payment for the first seven days.comp). The bureau is responsible for resolving disputes by assigning petitions to WC judges who decide each case after holding hearings on the issues." In other words, this type of intermittent absence from work will not trigger benefits for lost wages.

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