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    Default Maintenance and Cure Cut Off After Jones Act Injury

    My question involves injury or loss that occurred in the state of: wa
    hi eveyone this is my case ?
    i was injured in fishing boat my ER send me to their doctor i been with
    medical traitment for about 6 month my enployer was paying me maintenance and cure with no problem i even had 1 steroid injection .
    on jully the doctor release me with light duties when i get light job from temporery ageny i just worked 3 hours i couldn't make it at all because of my injury. i call back my EP letting them know my back is worth i need to see doctor again they tald me to go back see my doctor again while he recommande me a second injection.
    i wait like 25 days for autorisation to this second injection they never call me back and they stop ma maintenance .
    from this point i touk a lowyer my ER accepte to let me getting the second injection , they start back to pay my maintenance again.
    but the problem is here:
    now the ER lowyer send letter to my lowyer saing i am no longuer entited to maritime low because i did work 3 hours after i get release from their doctor .they saing maybe i get hurt in this 3 hours works not evenand asking me to file L&I claim from labor industry to get maintenance and cures because they gonna stop it .
    but i was not injured at in this 3 hours work its was just because of my injury from them.
    i am very confuse because i don't want file L&I claim for this second job where i was not injured but my lowyer ask me to file hopping L&I gonna denied the claim .
    i need eveyone advise do i suppose to file the L&I claim or should i refuse to file it?

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    Default Re: Maintenance and Cure Cut Off After Jones Act Injury

    You have a lawyer involved in your case. You need to follow the advice of your lawyer or, if your lawyer is not conversant with the Jones Act, consult a lawyer with a maritime law firm that handles Jones Act cases.

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