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    Default Liens for medical treatment

    I'm looking for information about liens for medical treatment post MVA.

    The doctor who treated me post MVA insisted I sign a lien before scheduling an appointment...even though:
    1. I had excellent medical insurance and he was a contracted provider.
    2. I had not sought legal representation.
    3. I had been a regular patient of said doctor for 2 years pre-accident.

    When I balked I was told this was standard procedure and simply a method to insure payment. Even though my insurance company promptly paid him his contracted fee, his office further billed and collected from my auto insurance med pay fund. Added together, he has now collected far more than the total billed services reflected on the statement I requested...and more than double the amount allowed in his provider contract. My numerous calls are being ignored and I want to know how to collect a refund.

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    Default Medical Liens

    You apparently contracted to pay his full billing amount, regardless of his agreement with your insurance provider. You should check with your health care insurance company, as that may violate his contract with them. Your rights depend upon the laws of your state.

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