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    Default Child Killed by a Drunk Driver

    My son was killed by dui driver nov 24 2005 it was a head on wreck.
    My Son has a 3 mounth daughter. Not married My qustion is can i sue or file a for reinbursments of funral exp . and lost wages as a resalt of his death.The mother of my granddaughter has filed for her. I'm not looking for nothing more than the moneys i've lost for nothing will replace my son

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    Default Lawsuit over Funeral Expenses

    Normally those costs would be paid by the estate. It may be more expeditious for the estate to reimburse you for the expenses, and then to claim them through the lawsuit which is already pending. You can discuss this with the grandmother, or the lawyer who is handling the existing lawsuit on behalf of the estate.

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    Default 25 yr old son death

    I have spoken with her lawyer an was told i could'nt sue or i could'nt recover any loses due from my son's death. I have taken care of the
    Funeral Expenses and done alot of things on my son's behalf.My son's 4mounth old daughter is the only aire beside's myself.I really dont know what my rights are in this.My son was not married. My Grandaughter is the one who will need this money when she get older. i want to make sure she gets it.Dont know what to do

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    You can file with the probate court for the funeral expenses. Since your son was not married you are the next of kin and eligible to be the personal representative of his estate. As the personal representative you can file a wrongful death action on his behalf with the proceeds going to the estate and under your control. You need a good PI attorney and you are getting very bad advice from her attorney and probably unethical as well. You need to take immediate action. Start by taking the death certificate to the probate court Mon or Tues and starting probate.

    Only by quick and swift action will you be able to protect your grandaughter.

    If you have trouble finding an attorney in your area send me a private email.

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