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    Default Force to Sign Someone Else's Name to Tax Document Work

    My boss came into my office and asked me to sign his (ex) wife's name to tax documents.
    I refused and was repeatedly told to just do it, nothing will haooen, you like your job?.. this went on and on untill I just did it in fear of losing my job.
    i was given a raise about a week before this , i went ot him and told him i wasnt comfortable with what he had made me do.

    I was fired after that without valid reason.

    Please help me I dont know what to do about this, and Im afraid that this will come back to haunt me later. I feel like legal action is the best way to go b/c he used his power over me and forced me to do this. I have nothing to gain from signing her name. I was used and then thrown away by my boss.

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    Default Re: Force to Sign Someone Else's Name to Tax Document Work

    Duplicate - answered elsewhere. = (thread 60071-employment discrimination)

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