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    Default Rights of Defendant After a Judgment

    I was in an accident 3/6/05 in my home state of Arizona, and was sued in court 12/3/05. I just received the judgment, which includes 10% interest, and the plaintiff sent me a threatening list of things he can do to collect after 60 days. The list includes getting my drivers license suspended, discovery of personal assets, liens and some other remedies. I have a loan amortization schedule that shows $100/mo payments to pay off the $3000 judgment in 3 years, and I'll end up paying $500 interest. I am sending the schedule to the plaintiff and a check for the first month's payment. Can he take my license even though I'm making payments in good faith? What else can I do to keep the plaintiff from doing this?

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    Default Suspension of License

    Normally, if you are paying on a settlement per an agreement, your license would not be subject to suspension. But you cannot impose your own payment schedule - you either need to agree to one with the plaintiff, or get the court to approve an installment payment program.

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