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    Question Electric Utility Company Right of Way

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: PA

    When a home is purchased near power line towers, and the electric utility company has a right of way throught the property, does this mean a solid structure (i.e. a 2 stall garage ) can not be constructed on this property? Or for that matter, anything else?


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    Default Re: Electric Utility Company Right of Way

    Most likely. You need to get a copy of the easement agreement. The electric company easement agreement usually 100 % of the time will not allow for permanent structures within their easement area. Cars or something that can be moved OK. They even want you to get their permission to put a fence or a driveway there. If its a distribution line you can do more but if its a transmission line no way without their written permission. The electric company will often fly the lines often looking for just that. Its usually a right that is in the easement document and one that the company will defend in court if they have to. Should you build it before they see it, you can be required to remove it and should you not remove it they will. No kidding. I have seen it happen. Oh, and you get the bill.

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