Hi, I am trying to seek some advice before I really do take the next step to what I really need to do. The day before yesterday the Sheriff came to my house and gave me a paper that I am getting hit by a laws suit from I not sue which CC company but from a company call Cornerstone Financial Corporation. For the amount of $1013.44 principal and $433.36 interest,, plus additional accruing interest at the rate of 12% up until the date of judgement then $130.74 attorney's fee. It says I have 10 days to pay that principal amount and interest in and accruing interest. Also says I have 30 day from the day I receive notice to file with the clerk or judgement will be against me. OK first I am willing to pay what I owe in full if I had the money from the beginning but the interest and fees are crazy, cause I never once receive a phone call from them and no collection notice of any sort and one day BAM they decide to sue me makes no sense. Now I know about the collection laws cause I once, 5years ago use to be a collection agent, and I haven't receive one single paper. But I know I owe the money cause I stop paying because I didn't have a job and I still don't at this time the only income that is coming into the house is my husbands check which we been struggling to use either pay this bill or make that other bill late but most important we need that money to support my 3 little ones and buy food and and pay the house. So I am wondering should I seek out a attorney of my own to help me through this hopefully I can make payments to the attorney. Or should I contact Cornerstone attorney 1st to Negotiate with them because I can make a promise to pay but only the principal amount that I owe when I get Income tax return in Feb. Does anyone have any advice for me please. Oh I did want to file for bankruptcy but with the new law that just pass its probably impossible for me.