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    Angry Landlord Coercion by False Three Day Notice

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: FL

    My Landlord served a 3 Day Notice (to pay or leave the rental premises) in person using the paperwork supplied by Collier County. We had sent the rent payment. He had claimed to have not received the check. We have a written lease, we replaced the lost check with certified funds.

    In a meeting with him during the 3 Day Notification period, he divulged that he never filed the 3 Day Notice in Collier Cty Court. He admitted to attempting to force us to sign a new lease much more favorable than the one (still) in existence using 3 Day paperwork as a means to do so. His wife who is co-owner and not on the lease felt he had made a bad deal. For the past 60 days she has been attempting to force us to sign a new lease with threats of court action if we did not.

    Two questions. What crimes have they committed and am I required to inform Collier County law enforcement of these crimes?

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    Default Re: Landlord Coercion, Forgery/Utterances?

    When does your current lease expire?

    Florida Renters Rights are here.

    In your position, I would consult with Legal Aid in your area (see Appendix A) for an explanation of what - if anything - can be done.
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