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    Question What's a Fair Offer on PPI of Hand

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Indiana, I caught my hand in a machine at work a year and a half ago. Three surgerys later ive been released from the doctor with a 32% PPI of hand below elbow. WWC is wanting to settle for 17,200. Does this sound reasonable? Or can I get more compensation for my injury since im going to be disabled for the rest of my life? And wont be able to make the same amount of salary any more? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Default Re: What's a Fair Offer on PPI of Hand

    For matters of WC, you might want to go talk to the folks over here. They're largely injured workers navigating the system, and they have a wealth of experience to offer.
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    Default Re: What's a Fair Offer on PPI of Hand

    You can also always talk to a WC attorney.

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