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    Default Accused of Sending Anonymous Letters

    My question involves defamation in the state of: NC

    My brothers and sister had our youngest sister removed as executrix of our mother’s estate because we thought she had mishandled several hundred thousand dollars. The new Administrator that was appointed by the courts has also found that she mishandled the money and has ordered her to repay the estate the money. My question is, my youngest sister’s attorney has accused us in a letter to the Administrator of quote “one or more of them have sent anonymous letters to Candice’s employer accusing her of embezzlement”. None of us have but she works for a local community college and this is a small town wher everone knows everyone’s’ business and we assume they have heard what is taking place and started looking at her handling of their ( the college's money). How should we handle this? We have thought about going to the local college and asking to see these anonymous letters but are not sure that is a good idea?


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    Default Re: Defamation/Slander?

    Unless and until she tries to drag you into court over it, let it go.

    Respond to the attorney with a letter to the effect that you have no idea what she's talking about, you've neither sent such a letter, nor do you have knowledge of any such letter, and leave it at that.

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