My question involves education law in the State of: FLORIDA

I'm attending a Catholic Private University in South Florida. I have an email account from the university just like every student/faculty/staff.
I started to receive emails from a staff member in big quantities about events and notifications for students, these emails came from her personal account at school. I was receiving near 10 emails a day from this person when I had enough and I reply to one of them saying if she could please stop bombing my email account with emails that were not of my interests. She replied that those emails were of the interest of all the University community and that I can choose not to read them, also she told me she had no way to take me off her mailing list.
What I did was to create a rule on my email account so that every email that she sends, will be automatically forwarded to her email account.
Due to such action, every email that she was sending, she would get it back (I did that to show her how annoying her unsolicited emails were).
She sent me an email asking me to stop doing this so I replied that she can opt out not to read them.
Consequence of all this I received an email from the Dean of Students asking me to stop such behavior.
After back and forth emails with this person, about policies and SPAM conversations, he showed me a PDF file with the email policies which clearly states that communications with the student body will be sent fro the official University email address (which is not this ladie's email address by the way). The Dean asked me to stop by his office to "talk" about the email policies and code of conduct and all that, giving me one week to schedule a meeting with him otherwise there would be an Administrative Hearing. Since I already read the policies, I told him I was a very busy guy, and that since I already stopped forwarding emails to this lady, that I considered the matter closed and that I I see no need to meet with him to discuss anything and that he can go ahead and have his meeting.
A week has passed and I received an email saying that I have a meeting at his office and I don't want to attend.
I believe this guy is upset at me and he took this whole issue in a personal way and that's why he's conducting this meeting.
Also based on what I read in the code of conduct, I don't think I violated any rules and if I did, I stopped my actions when I was "warned" by the dean.
Like I said before, I think he's upset because I don't want to meet with him and basically I told him to "**** off".
My Question is:
_ Do I have the obligation to attend this "Administrative Hearing" (he said it will be conducted without me if I don't show up).
_ What are my rights as a student?
_ Can they suspend me for something that I haven't done? Remember I stopped my behavior when asked to do so.
_ Can I hire a lawer to go on my behalf? This whole thing turned out to be a matter of "I'm not showing at your office because I don't ****ing care about you bitch" (sorry the language)
Any advice on my situation?


Ezequiel Santamaria